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The Review Blog

Well the simplest answer to this fact is that i am a Guy who is graduating from a small town of India i.e. Lucknow probably by the time you will read this my exams will be over and i would have become a graduate .

Now about my studies : I am pursuing Bachelors in Computer Application from University of Lucknow in India . Its one of the best universities in India.

Here is his blog:

Todays news

Looking for news online? You will find it here: http://gaia-radio.com/blog/
A cool blog, awesome design and the colours doesn't hurt your eyes... Try it out.


In this blog I find this article "ALL ABOUT YOGA", to be very interesting, and complete article about yoga... You can find some other interesting articles at: http://powericons.blogspot.com/

LieZMaYa's oNLiNe [CiKaRaCaK NinGGaNg HaTe...]

Bandung, Java, sunda, islamic, personal, diary, poem, kidding, write, thought, indonesia, love, poetry.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The latest sensation in Indian cricket

A simple blog, easy to navigate, where you can find interesting stuff about cricket... 'You don't like cricket?' Maybe you can change your mind after reading this blog:
Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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The Spot

Exclusive audio, music videos.... Plenty of stuff for you 'music lover'. This site is very simple, though very functional, and I'm sure you will not be wasting you time surfing it: http://thespot-bm.com/
I just would change one thing, the colours of the page. But the site is fantastic.

Good Boy Gone Bad

This is a personal blog... Here the author wants to create a blog different from the majoroty of all other blogs... So he will talk about interesting life adventures, and he will always try not to be boring. i find this blog to be very interesting, because he REALLY managed not to be boring... It will be a blog that I will try to visit often.

Alex's Internet Marketing Tool

His name is Alex wong, an internet entrepreneur. He is good at researching products and finding them fast. If you need help in this area let him know on his blog: http://www.onlinemarketingsingapore.com/blog/
this blog has lots of interesting articles about how you can make good money on the internet and help you to build your website effectively too... Take a look.

Inspiring World

What Inspired You

Travelling and vacations... Excellent reviews of the best spots over the world surface. 'This Inspiring World' we have... In this site you have lots of informations so that you can choose your destination with no problems... I'm sure that you will find what you want here:

El blog del Futbol

La pagina donde podras encontrar todos los titulares de las noticias mas importantes de futbol. Ademas de enlaces con las paginas oficiales de los principales equipos.

In this page you can find all important news in football world... It as links to many oficial pages from the principal teams: Spanish, italians, english, and a section from the rest of the world. If you wanna be informed about football, with this site you will never miss a transfer, a loan or an end of a well known player career. Written in spanish.

The New Energy Journey

"My Story as a writer"

"At age nine, I sat down with a new notebook, all ready to write, but nothing came... so I filled in the time between then and much later with a lot of reading, which I loved. In my early 30's I did some university studies and had the pleasure of writing then, but it was my spiritual journey which started me writing regularly, though mostly just for myself, in the form of journals, stories and channeling. Eventually, in a psychic development group"... Continue this story, and others at:


Profits Made Simple with Atomic Blogging

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking about monetize my blog... For that, I would read another blogger suggestions and experiences... This is a thing that you can read here: http://www.mysimpleonlinebusiness.com/blog/
Also, there is a very cool article about the New Seven Wonders.

The Get Down

Do you like hip hop? This is your site than... Full of hip hop artists reviews, and many video clips so that you can listen to the songs at the moment, very simple and functional site:

Jim’s Guitar Blog

If you love the sound of a guitar, you must try out this site... Videos of guitar playing with an youtube support... Pretty cool:


The 'Klio Report' is a website that reports on people, current events, interesting material in general. Most of it's atention is given on on Celebrities, Actors, Musicians, etc. Very critic site, but very 'gossip' site. :p

Sites that Pay/Work at home Biz Sites/Data Entry Typist

These are Sites that Pay

Why do we have to be in the internet without earning money, if we can do the same and get paid for it? This site explains this situations and as links for the best sites for earning money from your home:

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Pedestrian Observer

Socio-Political Blog of a JAYWALKING CYBER PEDESTRIAN OBSERVER on top of man-made Mt. Payatas the Exclusive Village of social rejects and marginalized bottom dwellers in the Philippines. Once the pride of Asia dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient now drowning in the muck of corruption and bad governance.

Available in eleven different languages, this socio-political blog from Philippines must be viewed for all intelectual minds, interested in socio-political problems there, and even in the rest of the world,... because we shouldn't wait for the problems to knock at our doors, we must be active citizens...

Free Movie Only

Do you like movies? If yes, you are in the right place. Watch your favorite movies and TV series for free. Have fun...

This blog is fantastic... It is very simple adn functional... You can find a short review of movies and series, and watch them for absolutely free!!! It's worth to take a look:


Making Money Online

Personal experiences... That is the major information you can't get. So here, you will find a good place to know how to make money online, and don't waste your time in hopeless programs...

Technology Review A to Z

Latest Technology review and updates from all over the world

In this blog you will get all the reviews you want about new technologies and updates from around the world. Try it out:

Rahul Prabhakar - when the muse strikes!

TEN ZEN SECONDS interview with Eric Maisel

Are you stressed? Are you having trouble getting yourself centered? This technic, The Ten Zen Seconds is a very simple but powerful technique "for reducing your stress, getting yourself centered, and reminding yourself about how you want to live your life." There is a nice contrast of colours, it's well written. One of the things this blog needs to improve, in my opinion, is to make smaller posts... 'Because our eyes get tyred'. But I'm sure he won't have any problems doing that...

domingo, 8 de julho de 2007

Bullets of Quills and Ink

Taking a stab to the wound. Poison to the vein.

If you are looking for spending time reading life historys and that stuff, you can find a very good personal blog that has that sttorys here:


Your Gateway to My Knowledge

Would you like to know an IT Officer life? In this blog you will find his knowledges on technology, Computing, Blogging and his IT Officer life. Very simple site, that is divided in categories, such as: Entertainment, General Knowledge, Reviews, News, Photography, Tips and Tricks and many other categories.. This sute surprised me in a positive way. Why don't you take a look? He is giving free domains.

Knowledge Seeker

This blog talks about diabetes:
Preventions, treatments... Very detailed information... If you are searching for information on this subject, you will find that here:

Taofiq's Latest Ideas To Achieve Financial Freedom

Insights of a man with a dream

This site talks about many subjects... One subject that caught my atention was "Tips to Increase Traffic to your Blog", wich is recomendable for those who are starting blogging..

Personal Blog

It's a personal blog, writen in english, that contains almost everything the autor likes: Internet, news, webdesign, etc...

My Journey Into Life

Life as it may seems to be

One thing that surprised me since I opened the page was that this website is available in thirteen different languages... You can find interesting stuff in this site: Movies, Anime/Manga (I'm a fan), and many other stuff:

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Video Blog

This is my video

Here you can find many different movies... The videos must be seen... I enjoyed very much the curse of curves, I already did knew the song but never watched the videoclip... In this site you can even download if you like:

Website Building

Hints and tips on building a website and SEO based on personal experience

The title of this blog says everything about the blog.. But doesn't reveal how good this blog is... And we have to tell you, with our experience, that this site is VERY ood for people who are new in this 'game' of earning more traffic to your website. I tryed a few stuff myself. Wonderfull site here:

Sales Operations Managers

Stop wasting your time in spreadsheets

A nice place to discover "$111/day Secret". All for free. Try it out. Here you can:
Earn for Receiving SMS
Earn for Surfing Internet
Earn for Reading Emails
Earn for Searching Internet
Earn cash just for Clicking
Earn By Buliding Community
Earn for Completing Offers...