segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2007

Pedestrian Observer

Socio-Political Blog of a JAYWALKING CYBER PEDESTRIAN OBSERVER on top of man-made Mt. Payatas the Exclusive Village of social rejects and marginalized bottom dwellers in the Philippines. Once the pride of Asia dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient now drowning in the muck of corruption and bad governance.

Available in eleven different languages, this socio-political blog from Philippines must be viewed for all intelectual minds, interested in socio-political problems there, and even in the rest of the world,... because we shouldn't wait for the problems to knock at our doors, we must be active citizens...

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Pedestrian Observer Reviews disse...

I have a technorati account, but I have noticed that you created a different blog for review so it will not show yet on technorati.

Look it up under JCPO or type Pedestrian Observer URL in their search.